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“Do not do” recommendations in Pediatrics


Pavo García MRa, Martínez González Cb

aPediatra. CS Villablanca. Madrid. España.
bPediatra. CS Villablanca. Madrid. España.

Correspondence: MR Pavo. Email:

Reference of this article.:

Pavo García MR, Martínez González C. Recomendaciones para “no hacer” en Pediatría. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2018;20:291-5..

Published in Internet: 20/09/2018


In recent years, several national and international scientific societies and healthcare organizations have created “do not do” recommendations. They are trying to reduce healthcare interventions that are not based on scientific evidence, to improve the quality and sustainability of the health system and to promote patient safety.

We present a compilation and synthesis of the recommendations published by different health organizations aiming to reduce unnecessary tests and consultations to Pediatric Primary Health Care practitioners.

Keywords: Overuse. Patient safety. Paediatrics. Evidence-based medicine. Effectiveness. Costs.



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