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Childhood and Adolescence PrevInfad/PAPPS Group

Child injury by traffic accident prevention


Esparza Olcina MJa, Galbe Sánchez-Ventura Jb, Gallego Iborra Ac, García Aguado Jd, Pallás Alonso CRe, Rando Diego Af, San Miguel Muñoz MJg, Sánchez Ruiz-Cabello FJh, Colomer Revuelta Ji, Cortés Rico Oj, Mengual Gil JMk

aPediatra. Madrid. España.
bPediatra. CS Torrero La Paz. Zaragoza. España.
cPediatra. Unidad de Atención Infantil Temprana. Distrito Sanitario Málaga-Guadalhorce. Málaga. España.
dPediatra. Madrid. España.
eServicio de Neonatología. Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre. Madrid. España.
fPediatra. CS Mejorada del Campo. Velilla de San Antonio. Madrid. España.
gPediatra. CS Paterna. Valencia, España.
hPediatra. CS Zaidín Sur. Granada. España.
iDepartamento de Pediatría, Obstetricia y Ginecología. Unidad de Pediatría. Universidad de Valencia. Valencia. España.
jAsociación Española de Pediatría de Atención Primaria. Madrid. España.
kPediatra. CS Delicias Sur. Zaragoza. España.

Correspondence: MJ Esparza. Email:

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Esparza Olcina MJ, Galbe Sánchez-Ventura J, Gallego Iborra A, García Aguado J, Pallás Alonso CR, Rando Diego A y cols. Prevención de lesiones infantiles por accidente de tráfico. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2020;22:e35-e47.

Published in Internet: 11/03/2020


Traffic accident prevention is an issue of social relevance and a very important public health matter.

The working group PrevInfad presents in this document the update of its recommendations for traffic injury prevention in children and adolescents. The published document is brand new and can be consulted in full on the group’s website (

The methodology includes the design of an analytic framework, the formulation of structured questions, the search of the evidence and the analysis of the bibliography.

Traffic accidents are considered those caused in motor vehicles with the child as a passenger or with the adolescent as a driver of motorcycles or other vehicles, the accidents suffered by pedestrians and the injuries by falls from bicycles or from collision of bicycles with motor vehicles. The document also includes children that initiate into motorcycle competition.

Many of the preventive actions concern to other levels, nevertheless the pediatricians must act as advisers and as scientific group.

Keywords: Prevention. Traffic crashes. Accidents.



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