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Evidence based Pediatrics

Doubts about the usefulness electrocardiogram mass screening in identifying sudden death in athletes


Aparicio Rodrigo Ma, Rodríguez-Salinas Pérez Eb

aPediatra. CS Entrevías. Facultad de Medicina. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Madrid. España.
bPediatra. CS Colmenar Viejo Norte. Colmenar Viejo, Madrid. España.

Correspondence: M Aparicio. Email:

Reference of this article.:

Aparicio Rodrigo M, Rodríguez-Salinas Pérez E. Dudas sobre la utilidad del cribado masivo con electrocardiograma en deportistas para prevenir la muerte súbita. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2016;18:275-8.

Published in Internet: 14/07/2016


Athors´ conclusions: due to the methodological shortcomings of this study, the results don’t make any change to current guidelines regarding preparticipation athletic evaluations among youths. Current European and Spanish guidelines advise using ECG screening in preparticipation athletic evaluations

Reviewers´ commentary: selective ECG use for preparticipation athletic evaluations has a high rate of identification of cardiac disease. Adoption of a mass ECG screening program would need to prove to be more efficient at identifying diseases associated with sudden cardiac death than a selective approach.

Keywords: Screening. Electrocardiography. Heart diseases. Sports. Child. Adolescent.



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