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Is vaccination against COVID-19 appropriate for children and adolescents, from a bioethical point of view?


Sánchez Jacob Ma

aPediatra. CS La Victoria. Valladolid. España.

Correspondence: M Sánchez. Email:

Reference of this article.:

Sánchez Jacob M. ¿Es pertinente la vacunación frente a COVID-19 de los niños y adolescentes desde el punto de vista bioético?. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2021;23:e131-e135.

Published in Internet: 29/09/2021


During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have experienced an unprecedented situation around the world that has required us to make urgent decisions based more on common sense than on evidence.

The urgent made us forget the important, but after the experience of a year and a half, it is time to analyze with serenity what we have learned in order to apply sanitary measures wisely and avoid unwanted damage.

We must not forget that we are scientists, because we are doctors. Science consists of questioning and looking for firm evidence to support complex decisions that offer the best options to our patients. Bioethics must guide us in this mission, valuing all contributions and approaches, without seeking an absolute truth, exercising prudence, reflection, responsibility and authentic deliberation.

In these circumstances, as pediatricians, we must seriously ask ourselves whether the COVID-19 vaccination in adolescents and children is appropriate, objectively taking into account the data we have so far.

Keywords: Children. COVID-19 vaccines. Bioethics. Adolescents.



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