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Erythema ab igne after prolonged exposure to a radiator


Marín Andrés Ma, Moneo Hernández MIb, Sala Fernández Lc

aPediatra. CS Las Fuentes Norte. Zaragoza, España.
bPediatra. CS Torre Ramona. Zaragoza. España.
cPediatra. CS Torre Ramona. Zaragoza, España.

Correspondence: M Marín. Email:

Reference of this article.:

Marín Andrés M, Moneo Hernández MI, Sala Fernández L. Eritema ab igne tras exposición prolongada a un radiador. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2022;24:e221-e223..

Published in Internet: 19/05/2022


Erythema ab igne is a hyperpigmented skin lesion caused by prolonged and repeated exposure to a heat source. It is a clinical diagnosis and the treatment consists of avoiding additional exposure to the heat source, with the lesion disappearing over the course of several weeks or months. The main long-term risk if exposure is maintained is the development of malignant skin tumours.

Keywords: Reticulated. Heat source. Erythema ab igne.



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