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Childhood and Adolescence PrevInfad/PAPPS Group

Hypercholesterolemia screening in children


Cortés Rico Oa, Grupo PrevInfad/PAPPS Infancia y Adolescencia b

aPediatra. CS Canillejas. Madrid. España.
bJosé María Mengual Gil (coord.).

Correspondence: O Cortés. Email:

Reference of this article.:

Cortés Rico O, Grupo PrevInfad/PAPPS Infancia y Adolescencia . Cribado de hipercolesterolemia en la infancia. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2007;9:245-79.

Published in Internet: 30/06/2007


Cardiovascular disease is nowadays the first cause of morbimortality in industrialized countries. Hypercholestorolemia is one of the most important cardiovascular risk factors, with a clear causal role in atherosclerosis progression. This process begins in early childhood and tends to continue and progress until adult life; hence the importance of primary prevention in children and adolescents. We present a systematic review of literature on current knowledge about hypercholesterolemia in children, its prevalence, the meaning of cholesterol in childhood, the influence of feeding, its relation to other risk factors associated to atherogenic lipid levels, the possibilities of screening and the strategies of hypercholestorolemia prevention in childhood and adolescence.

Keywords: Prevention. Screening. Cardiovascular disease. Cholersterol. Hyperlipidemia.

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