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Should the resident in Paediatrics be trained in Primary Care Centres? Why? A survey to paediatricians and residents in Valencia

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Boscà Berga J, Moreno Moreno S, Hueso Pinazo R, Hernández Roqueme HR, Orozco Cañas V, Castro Elena JM y cols. ¿Se debe formar el residente de Pediatría en Atención Primaria? ¿Por qué? Encuesta a pediatras y residentes de Valencia. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2006;8:223-33.

Published in Internet: 30/06/2006


Introduction and objectives: considering that the resident physician in the specialty of pediatrics in Valencia never trains in Pediatric Primary Care centers and that he does not receive any preparation in child care nor in aspects as preventive care and promotion of good habits in healthy children or the treatment of ill children who do not need hospitalization, our intention is to find out if residents should be trained in Pediatric Primary Care, according to the opinion of pediatricians and residents in pediatrics. Material and methods: for this reason, an anonymous survey was carried out directed to all pediatricians who lend Primary Care in the city of Valencia and to all pediatricians and residents in pediatrics who give hospital care in the Hospital La Fe. The questions were: Do you think that a pediatric resident should train ?additionally? in an accredited primary health care center in order to complete his training? Why? Results: a percentage of 44.7% answered. Eighty-six per cent answered yes, 13% no and 1% blank. Affirmative responses were from 90% of the paediatricians (95% primary care paediatricians and 85% hospital care paediatricians) and 50% of the residents. Those surveyed responded to the second part of the question giving their opinion on the motives in favour of Paediatric Primary Care training. 29% offered ideas for the resident training program, too the 13% against Paediatric Primary Care training, that justified with their opinions. Conclusions: 86% say the resident should be trained in Paediatric Primary Care and 17% recommends more than four years for training in Paediatrics.

Keywords: Primary Care.

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