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Clinical Reviews

Urinary tract infection by Pantoea agglomerans: a pathogen of immunosuppressed patients?


Martín Martín Ra

aServicio de Pediatría. ABS Marià Fortuny. Reus, Tarragona. España.

Correspondence: R Martín. Email:

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Martín Martín R. Infección del tracto urinario por Pantoea agglomerans: ¿un patógeno de pacientes inmunodeprimidos?. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2019;21:e201-e203.

Published in Internet: 22/11/2019


Pantoea agglomerans infections are very rare globally and particularly in Pediatrics. Most of them are nosocomial and affect immnunosuppresed patients. Articular infections have been described after puncture with plant thorns giving rise to arthritis, synovitis or osteitis; they also can cause meningitis or neonatal septicemia after contamination of parenteral nutrition or red blood cell transfusions; urinary or respiratory infections, and peritonitis.

In immunocompetent patients the infections are exceptional, so it is advisable to perform an immunity study, as in our case. The germ is very resistant to beta-lactam antibiotics and to eradicate it, it is usually necessary to treat according to antibiogram.

Keywords: Urinary tract infection. Pantoea.



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