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How to act in uncontrolled asthma in Primary Care


Rodríguez Fernández-Oliva CRa

aPediatra. Coordinación Pediatría Atención Primaria/Atención Hospitalaria. Dirección General de Programas Asistenciales. Servicio Canario de Salud. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, España.

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Rodríguez Fernández-Oliva CR. Cómo actuar en asma de difícil control en Atención Primaria. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. Supl. 2018;(27):61-9.

Published in Internet: 08/06/2018


The diagnosis of asthma in childhood does not usually have difficulties, based, fundamentally, on the characteristic signs and symptoms. The management of the disease is based on the evaluation of the degree of control and future risk, by national and international guidelines and consensus. However, the identification of severe asthma can lead to greater difficulty, either because the symptoms are underestimated by parents and/or adolescents and by health personnel, or due to a lack of resources for a more adequate evaluation. The identification of the lack of control, of the severity of the disease and knowledge of referral criteria is fundamental for the Primary Care pediatrician.

Keywords: Patient acuity. Asthma/therapy. Asthma.



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