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News on vaccines, what should we know to be updated?


García Sánchez Na

aPediatra. CS Delicias Sur. Zaragoza. España.

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García Sánchez N. Novedades en vacunas, ¿qué tenemos que saber para estar actualizados?. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. Supl. 2018;(27):51-60.

Published in Internet: 08/06/2018


Vaccines are an area of great interest for health care workers, especially for Paediatricians. We could affirm that, independently of the clinical specialty, all paediatricians try to know what kind of vaccines have received their patients in their practice.

In our work, especially in Primary Care Paediatrics, we need to be updated on vaccines, but the field of vaccines is complicated, every year a lot of articles dealing with this topic are published, in 2017 for instance 5095 issues of vaccines were included in MEDLINE. In Trip Database 76344 articles were found with the descriptor “vaccines”. It seems impossible for every paediatrician dealing with this huge information individually, in this way.

The epidemiology of certain infectious diseases, the arise of illnesses which seemed to be eliminated, like mumps or measles, new vaccines available, new ways to administer some immunogens that change the practice, etc. are some of the aspects that we have to be in mind. In this view so changeable ¿what news have we to focus on? Five points have been chosen as important to be updated, they will be show as flashes.

  1. Children immunization schedule of the Spanish Association of Paediatricians. 2018 recommendations.
  2. Mumps and measles vaccines, don’t they work anymore?
  3. How to best manage vaccine hesitancy?
  4. Breaking news: rotavirus, hepatitis A, rabies, and new ways to immunize.
  5. Should we get de shot every year?



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