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The residents in Primary Care. How to plan their training


Callejas Pozo JEa, García Puga JMb

aPediatra. CS La Zubia. Distrito Granada-Metropolitano. Granada. España.
bPediatra. CS Salvador Caballero. Granada. España.

Correspondence: JE Callejas. Email:

Reference of this article.:

Callejas Pozo JE, García Puga JM. El residente en Atención Primaria. Cómo planificar su rotación. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2008;10:719-33.

Published in Internet: 31/12/2008


In Spain, the training as Medical Internal Resident (MIR) to access to medical specialization, began in 1978. Although in theory, our health policy is directed towards the model of Primary Health Care (PHC), the training of Pediatrics residents has been poorly oriented in that direction. The MIR Pediatrics should be training in healthcare centres, but more often than not, this training does not take place and when it does it is more or less voluntarily, without unified criteria or subjected to any form of control. The compulsory training in PHC has been approved by the National Commission on Specialization and published in October 2006. In this article we review the current pediatrics programme and its specific areas, and based on this recent resolution we explain the circuits to follow in the accreditation of health centres for pediatric teaching as well as for Pediatrics tutors. It outlines how to plan the resident?s stay in Primary Health Care, including a tutorization guide for pediatrics? tutors and finally a note of support and acknowledgement for the training work.

Keywords: Paediatrics. Primary Care. Training. Tutor.

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