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Trends in Primary Care Pediatrics from a today pediatrician´s prospects


Ruiz-Canela Cáceres Ja, Martín Muñoz Pb

aPediatra. CS Virgen de África. Sevilla. España.
bPediatra. Unidad de Gestión Clínica La Plata / Palmete. Sevilla. España.

Correspondence: J Ruiz-Canela. Email:

Reference of this article.:

Ruiz-Canela Cáceres J, Martín Muñoz P. Futuro de la Pediatría de Atención Primaria desde la perspectiva de un pediatra de hoy. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2004;6:187-197..

Published in Internet: 30/06/2004


The primary care of the child has changed in the last years. In this report, we have undergone a systematic search of the literature to answer where Pediatrics goes. The recent frame of the public primary centers, the young qualified professionals, and the new child health programmes allow a better care, and now many diseases don´t need the hospital. The training of the future doctors and the goal of their clinical practice will include more preventive programmes, knowing the modern social and family patterns, the teenagers problems, the scientific (human genoma) and technological (internet) advances, the need of multidisciplinary teams, managed care, and the concern for the economic cost of health interventions.

Keywords: Paediatrics. Trends. Training.

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