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Pediatric bronchoscopy: a useful and safe tool


Alonso Villán Ea, Álvarez Fernández Bb, Carvajal del Castillo Oc, Carabaño Aguado Id

aServicio de Pediatría. Hospital Rey Juan Carlos. Móstoles, Madrid. España.
bServicio de Pediatría. Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos. Móstoles, Madrid. España.
cServicio de Pediatría. Hospital Rey Juan Carlos. Móstoles, Madrid. España.
dSección de Gastroenterología, Hepatología y Nutrición Infantil. Servicio de Pediatría. Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre. Madrid. España.

Correspondence: E Alonso. Email:

Reference of this article.:

Alonso Villán E, Álvarez Fernández B, Carvajal del Castillo O, Carabaño Aguado I. Broncoscopia pediátrica: una realidad útil y segura. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2012;14:e31-e36.

Published in Internet: 24/09/2012


With smaller miniaturized fiber bronchoscopy available and thanks to continuous research and work a number of pediatric pneumology units have carried out, a revolution in the pediatric fiber bronchoscopy field has taken place in our country in the last few years.

However, and despite having a variety of uses, this technique is still strongly and almost exclusively related to foreign body removal. This paper aims to widen the scope of pediatric fiber bronchoscopy indications, by reviewing and updating all the other diagnostic and therapeutic applications this safe and useful tool has.

Keywords: Patient safety. Diagnostic techniques and procedures. Bronchoscopy.



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