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Correlation between iron deficiencies and enteroparasitism in children under 14 years of age from six urbanized indigenous councils in Colombia


Bermúdez Aa, Medina JJb, Salcedo-Cifuentes Mc

aFacultad de Salud. Universidad del Valle. Cali, Colombia.
bInstitución Universitaria Antonio José Camacho Perea. Cali, Colombia.
cFacultad de Salud. Universidad del Valle. Cali, Colombia.

Reference of this article.:

Bermúdez A, Medina JJ, Salcedo-Cifuentes M. Correlación entre deficiencias de hierro y enteroparasitismo en menores de 14 años de seis cabildos indígenas urbanizados de Colombia. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2020;22:e187-e196.

Published in Internet: 02/12/2020


Introduction: the comorbidities of anaemia and enteroparasitism remain a major public health problem in many developing countries, especially in communities with economically disadvantages. Objective: to assess the correlation between enteroparasitism and iron deficiency in children under aged 14 from the urbanized indigenous councils of the city of Santiago de Cali.

Method: observational and analytical study that involved a probabilistic sample of indigenous people under 14 years old. Three serial samples of fecal matter and blood were analyzed to establish the proportions of parasitized and non-parasitized minors; anemia and depletion of iron reserves. Descriptive, univariate and bivariate statistics were used, ending with multivariate analysis of main components and hierarchical cluster.

Results: 80% of the minors were parasitized, 17% had parascaris and trichocephalon. No statistically significant association was found between parasitism and gender; 5 minors between 5-7 years presented anemia. Three groups were identified with the multivariate analysis.

Conclusions: there is a high prevalence of global intestinal parasitism, particularly, there is a significant mild-moderate infestation caused by helminths; in general terms, anemia did not predominate in the study population and no significant associations were found between this and pathogenic parasites.

Keywords: intestinal parasites. indigenous. School-children. Anemia.



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